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Steps to Designing a Custom Built Home

Watching your vision come to life is the most exciting thing you can experience. Villa del Sol will guide you each step of the way from picking out the perfect plot of land to designing the home of your dreams. This is what you can expect:

Schedule an Appointment
Choose a date and time with one of our representatives to discuss terms and options.

Secure Financing
Choose a lender that will qualify you for building your home. (See our pre-qualification option.)

Choose a Lot
We have projects in particular neighborhoods to choose from or we can build on your own land.

Sign Contract
Once we have financing arranged and a lot is chosen, our representatives will draw up a contract. Once it is signed, we can get to the fun part of designing your dream home.

Design Your Floorplan
This is where the fun begins. We will make a wish list of all the elements you want for your new home and then adapt them to your budget. During the design meeting, we will discuss:

• The size of the home

• The number of bedrooms and bathrooms

• The general look and style of the architecture

• Material must-haves

• How the home will sit on the land

• Pick fixtures and finishes

Start Construction
Once we have your design finalized, Villa del Sol can put the plan into motion. We know waiting is the hardest part, but know that we will be communicating with you throughout different stages of the process.

Expect Milestones
• Site preparation— Excavation of the land and lot staking to mark where your home will sit.

• Foundation and framing—The home is starting to take shape.

• The “meat” of the house—installation of the mechanicals (your heating and cooling, plumbing, and electric), insulation, and drywall.

• Flooring and paint—Finishing touches like cabinets and trim go in.

• Fixtures and appliances—Lighting, bathroom, and kitchen fixtures, and appliances.

• Landscaping may go in the final phase.

When your house is finished, you’ll do a walk-through. This is the time to inspect every inch of the house and ask questions. Once you have all the answers and all the details addressed, it's time to close.

Your home is ready! It’s time to get the keys and start moving in!

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